Prj001: Crafting System

Author: techlord
Sat. January 19, 2013
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Crafting. An umbrella term that covers several Generation processes based on the concept of a Recipe and Incubator.  A Recipe is a Inventory list of  input items, output items and their quantities.  A Incubator is  Trigger and Spawn object that stores one or more recipes, executes logic to accept input item x(n), processes them, and output item y(n). The concept behind the Incubator is to simulate a physical interaction that results in the generation/regeneration  within the environment.

ProjectKomodo uses Recipe-Incubator for all spawning purposes (Power Ups, Monster Generators, etc) and builds upon its operation to support many game mechanics. Although Crafting is not new to RPGs, a living economics system is adopted from persistent MMOs. The Economy is supported in the game world through the selling, buying, and trading of goods and animals. The system also support Real-time Strategy game-play mechanics:  base building and army building.

  1. Crafting. A generation process in which a two or more raw materials of a specified quantity are collected, and processed to output a usable item. Crafting Materials List can be presented as a Item or quest. Some Material List are hidden. Examples of Crafted Items: Spells, Weapons, etc:

    • Dragon Saliva (1) + Fire Scripture (1) –> Fireball Spell

    Easter Egg: Craft HeavyBarrel based on the 6 piece Super Weapon from the Game of the same name.

  2. Farming. A generation process in which one or more energy sources are added to Entity to promote growth and replication in a specified or unspecified amount of quantity & time. such as rising animals, growing trees and crystals. Growth Simulation is achieved by gradual increases in size, swapping/morphing mesh shape, and texture color/patterns over a period of time.

    • Water >> Seeds => Tree => Fruit => Seeds
    • Mana >> Crystals => Crystal Tree => Mana
    • Seed >> Chick => Chicken => Eggs => Chicks
    • Chicken >> Baby Dragon => Adult Dragon
  3. Mining. A generation process that requires input of energy source and time to accumulate raw material that generates autonomously:  Grass –> Hay Bail, Ore –> Metal
  4. Breeding. A generation process in which two entities are Mated to reproduce. Breeding can also produce hybrids.

    • Bull (Male) & Cow (Female) => Calf
    • Dragon (Male) & Dragon (Female) => Dragon Egg
  5. Building.  Essentially, the next tier of Crafting, in which usable items and mature animals are input into processor to output more complex architectural structures (bases) and machines that can store or produce mass quantities of energy and products. This  primarily supports RTS game play mechanics for base and army building.

    • Armory
    • Barrack
    • Power plant
    • Silo
    • Comm Tower
    • Supply Depot
    • Stable
    • Guard Towers
  6. Malfunctions. I think the Recipe/Incubator concept offers a flexible and powerful system for Crafting. However the possibility for things to go bad exists, wither intentional or unintentional. Viruses are self replicating Entities or Items. These are considered EVIL no matter the implementation
      • Type 1: Entities that possess Recipe/Incubators components to generate copies of themselves
      • Type 2: Entities that reprogram Incubators to spawn copies of themselves

    Mutilator are Entities that destroy an Incubators Recipe or reprograms without authorization.

  • Loot. Items of value dropped after slaying a Monster.  Loot is generated by Recipe/Incubator that uses the Monster’s corpse as a energy source to spawn items.

Incubators of Life. Incubators are employed in OverArch (Story Editor) to spawn entities, structures, and items for placement in the Level Map during run time.

The Class

  • Dynamic Trigger Component
  • Store multiple Recipes (Inventory)
  • Multiple Spawn Points

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