Prj001: Modular Entity Construction Sets

Author: techlord
Sat. January 19, 2013
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Modular Entity Construction. A construction methodology of assembling larger complex Entities from layers of smaller interconnecting and interchangeable parts/components. The methodology is applied to the assembly of  interactive entities, quest logic, story/dialog path, and mood (music). I’ve found inspiration for its implementation in working with Spore Creature Creator, Photoshop Composting Layers, and Fruity Loops Studio Sequencer.

My original concept for Modular Entity Construction Sets was to produce and sell 3D Model Parts Pack/2D Skins Packs to assemble a myriad of Entity variations. The system also included a Game Engine Module to handle assembly, animation, and physics of MECS Entities. For me, this was super flexible alternative to Single Mesh Model Packs being marketed. Model Packs provided awesome 3D Artwork for an affordable price, however there is one major drawback for me to purchase and use them: Exclusivity! Anyone could purchase them and use them in their games and I strongly desire my games to have their own distinctive look.  Yes,  it was possible to modify Model Pack Textures to provide some variation,  however,  that is simply not enough.

I still believe that there is a market for MECS Model Parts Pack/2D Skins Packs, but, in ProjectKomodo MECS is the primary method of construction to meet the demands and expectations of RPG. For Artists, it supports authoring and specializing in smaller parts with higher definition, quality, and detail. For Game Designers it supports Prefabricating an armory of weapons, garage of vehicles, a compendium of monsters, and other objects in the environment. For players, it supports Character and Weapons  Customization.

ProjectKomodo’s expands on UDK’s  modular pawn system for assembling and customizing interactive entities:  Character Head/Body, Firearm Weapons, Melee Weapons, Vehicles/Crafts/Machines and static mesh props {furniture}.

  • Skeleton (mesh-less skeletalmesh applied to Creatures). Aliases: Chassis (Machines), Frame (Structures)
    • Bone, Multi-Joint
    • 3P Animation
      1. Fire arm
      2. Swordplay
      3. Arm & Hands
      4. Full Body – Torso & Legs
  • Sockets

    • Slots & Pegs – properties set used in logic to define what and how objects attach
  • Mechanisms (Mechanical Parts (procedural animation routines),  Physics Assemblies: Joints and Constraints)
  • Body and Part (Mesh)

ServerPackages Content Pack Convention

Model Parts Pack
AnimTree Sequences Pack
Music Sequences Pack


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