Prj001: Golem Entity Construction System

Author: techlord
Mon. January 21, 2013
Categories: Prj001

Golem Entity Construction originally conceived in Project Chameleon (Prj002),  is a Dynamic Monster Generation System that assembles monsters from an assortment of mesh objects referred to as Fragments that are ”electrostatically” attached to each other and bound to an animated skeleton [video_ref]. My motivations for this system were to create a significant number of Golems in the shape of insects, humans, animals, and monsters using with modest modeling artistic skill.I intend to expand on this method of construction for creating other Entities: weapons, vehicles, machines, and structures. As each Golem is assembled from arbitrary Fragments, each represents a unique work of art in itself.

The flexibility of their dynamic construction, is open to the possibility of real-time regeneration, shape-shifting, and melding ( merging into one another to form larger Golems)  with decent visual continuity.  Its desired that Golems vary in size assembling large insect from rock pebbles, to giant monsters from fragments of buildings.  The design, also supports adding Weak spots in specific locations or covered by Fragments which have to be removed to expose. This can require the employment of strategy and tactics for a Co-Op Party.

Golem ConstructionComponents:

  1. Skeleton. A 3D Animation Skeleton (mesh-less) used to animate and define framework (slots) for additional Skeletons and Body Components.
    • Facial Skeleton  (see #5 Creature Feature)
  2. Fragment.  A movable 3D mesh (usually static in the shape of debris, rocks, limbs, etc) with physics collision, which are amassed to form the shape of a Golem’s limb. A fragment can be a animated entity mesh.
  3. Attractor. A 3D Point Body Component that Fragments are attracted to/repelled from. Force of pull/push can be varied. Attractors can also discriminate one or more types of fragments by size, material, and other characteristics.  Fragment (particle) Generators may be spawned to generator additional Fragments to fill-in Golem Limb’s.
    • Attractor Fragments (aka Free Radicals) .  Attractor Fragments are  not a Golem Body Component and freely-moving. They are treated like Fragments and are attracted to/repelled from by Attractors. Free Radicals can attract additional Fragments.
  4. Limb. A Physics Object that traps and suspends Fragments in a force-field to maintain Body shape. Multiple Limb ‘Layers’ could be used to provide layers of construction to resemble skin, muscle, bone. Fragment Textures can by swapped to take on a specific appearance dependent on placement on the Golem.
  5. Feature. This is an Animated Mesh or Animated Texture Mesh that provides distinct facial animation and details such as glowing eyes/teeth, face-of-rocks, etc. The Mesh or Textures can be animated to show facial expressions.
  6. Environmental. A Particle Emitter that emits dust, dirt, debris from joints.
  7. Audio 3D. An Audio Emitter Object used to emit Roars, gear turning on other sound fx, etc
  8. Collider. A  Physics Collision Object placed on areas of the Skeleton determine BvE, BvP interactive contact.

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